Looking for Home Renovations in Canyon Lake?
Smith Development is the premier kitchen and bathroom remodeling contractor in Canyon Lake, Texas. Whether you want a contemporary or traditional kitchen, a larger bathroom, siding, roofing, a new patio or anything in between, our company can take care of the entire project. We make it an absolute priority to deliver premium quality and value while minimizing disruption and stress. 

We understand that remodeling should be a fun and fulfilling adventure for the homeowner. We can help you from the very beginning, helping you select the style, colors and cabinets that will make it “your” home. Whether you're looking for a large kitchen remodeling project or a small bathroom remodeling, Smith Development can help you bring your dreams to reality.

Kitchen Renovations

At Smith Development, we know that a kitchen renovation is one of the items that adds more value to your home. From changing walls to rebuilding everything new, we've done it. No matter the challenge, we've seen it, we've successfully done it, and we definitely can help you with your new kitchen remodeling.


Being Custom Home Builders since 1996 gives us a vast experience installing multitude of flooring materials, including all kinds of carpets, vinyl and hardwood floors. We know the materials, the brands, and have installed almost everything under the sun. We can suggest the best flooring option for your specific needs.

Bathroom Renovations

With a kitchen remodeling, remodeling your bathrooms is best investment you can make in terms of adding value to your home. You can benefit from our vast experience, expertise and knowledge of vendors. We can make your next bathroom remodeling a pain-free experience and you'll end up with your dream bathroom come true.


From rustic finishes, cedar and pine, to almost maintenance-free Hardi Plank, we can provide you with the siding that fits the looks, budget and maintenance you have in mind. Whether you require a material that can be painted, to other exotic materials that match the look of your cabin, we have experience installing it.

Patios & Enclosures

A beautiful patio is a must have on a Texas Hill Country home. You live in one of the most beautiful areas of the country and enjoying the outdoors is one of the reasons you're here. With us, your next patio will not only protect you and your guests from the Texas weather, but it will be one of the high points of your home.


Being a Canyon Lake homeowner, you understand the need for having the best possible roofing install you can have. Roofs in our area are continuously exposed to branches falling, critters and humidity. Getting a quality roof from Smith Development is an investment that protects your overall investment in your home.